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A program from Agir Pour Le Cambodge NGO

Sala Bai, a unique opportunity...

Mr. CHOAN Sambath, 29 years old - From Housekeeping Department, Intake 1

When Sambath joined Sala Bai in 2002, he did not care really about which department he would like to be trained in. His family was in such a desperate financial situation that his only wish was to get a quickly skill that would enables ... Next

Becoming someone

Of the 2013-2014 intake students who graduated at the end of July had already found a job by the 1st of September. Two of them are looking back on their year in Sala Baï.

Minh Chout has just graduated with the last intake and since September 2014 she has been working at Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra ... Next

Renowned Chef

Kimsan Sok, this former student of Sala Baï, from the 1st intake, has become a famous chef.

Her fame has actually become such that she is called to represent she is called for representing the Khmer food in international culinary competitions.

The last one, the Pattaya City Culinary Cup 2013, took place in August 2013. ... Next

2 students from Intake 2013-2014 look back on one year in Sala Bai

Chiieng Mey, a housekeeping student and Morn, a restaurant student, are both looking back on their experience in Sala Baï. From the start of school in September 2013 to their graduation at the end of July 2014, a whole new world opened up to them.

At the dawn of their new life, these ... Next

Geoffroy, 37 years old, long-time sponsor of Sala Baï.

“Supporting a program that takes place thousands of kilometers away from where you live may seem a little unreal sometimes. That’s why it has been a real pleasure to see very concretely how these donations are materialized and for whom. My wife and I had the chance to have lunch at Sala Baï. It was delicious! Sala Baï’s efficiency is ... Next

Fritz Gubler, founder of Friends of Sala Baï  – Sydney, Australia

On November 19, 2014, Friends of Sala Baï Australia celebrated their 10th Anniversary!

Friends of Sala Baï was created in 2005 by three businessman in the hospitality industry. “Today, Sala Baï has a great network of supporters in Australia » said Fritz Gubler, one of the 3 founders. The students of the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School are ... Next

Strengthening our partnership with Heritage Suites Hotel

In Siem Reap, Sala Bai has established strong relations with 17 partner hotels which have our students as interns during 4 months each year. Some of these hotels have decided to support even further our school. With the operation “Back to school kit”, the Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort has been the pioneer. They proposed to their clients ... Next

Sala Baï Alumni Dinner

On May 30th 2014, for the 4th edition, the Sala Bai Alumni Dinner gathered 261 former students from the last 11 intakes.

The students from the current intake and the staff enjoyed the party a well: in total 400 guests attented this dinner event. As a start, the former ... Next

Adrien RUFFY – General Manager
of the luxury hotel Sala Lodges in Siem Reap.

“We had the chance to hire on a student once again, from the last intake in restaurant service, and it is a pleasure to see her every day. She is charming, smart, and she perfectly and immediately integrated our team! What she has been taught at Sala Baï is impressive, not only on the expertise, but also on the ... Next

Cyrille CARMONA - Food & Beverage Manager at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor

The Raffles, as a luxury hotel, is submitted to compulsory constraints. As an example, to be hired is rather difficult; first, you must consider the staff turnover that is not really important; second, you have to take precise personality tests from Gallup, the famous American Polling Institute. The Sala Baï alumni, all originated from such a remote world and coming ... Next

Jean-Jacques Maréchal, teacher at the Hotel & Restaurant School in Maré, New Caledonia, Feb. 2011

At first, what stroke me are the students’ way of welcoming people and their professionalism. I know what I am talking about not only because of my job but also, when I travel, I visit all the Hotel and Restaurant Schools of the countries I travel through to compare them with the one where I teach. That gives me very ... Next

Victor and Flora, stayed at Sala Baï in March 2013

A very unique hotel

Victor et Flora, 30 years old, discovered Sala Baï when looking for a hotel room close to the Angkor temples. The positive comment of their travel guide convinced them to book 2 nights at Sala Baï.

The students’ warm welcome, and their wish to participate in the training of the most ... Next

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