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On Tuesday 27 September, just under three weeks after the 15th intake started school, the parents of the 108 selected students attended a Parents’ Open Day and had the opportunity to discover the school where their children would be spending the following year.

The purpose of this event was, firstly, to reassure them because it is never easy for parents to see their children leave home to study in a city, but especially to encourage them to become stakeholders in the training of their sons and daughters. Following this Open Day, they were in a better position to understand exactly what their children were experiencing and so were better able to encourage and support them. In Cambodia, the family plays a vital role in individual accomplishments. Students who do not feel that they have their parents’ support in their choice of studies, will find learning more difficult and will be more likely to drop out. 

Notwithstanding the distance – 47 students are from other regions of Cambodia – over 80 parents attended the Open Day. They gained an understanding of APLC’s mission, they visited the school and were better able to appreciate the aims and objectives of Sala Baï. Alumni and their parents were there to tell their stories and explain how Sala Baï had changed their lives and why it was important for families to encourage their children throughout the year. Learning a hospitality sector skill in one year is not easy and requires a constant and sustained effort on the part of all students.

As for the students, they were very proud to be able to show their parents around their school and the training restaurant and hotel. With the help of the teachers and a few alumni who’d come along especially to lend a hand, they had prepared a sumptuous buffet which brought this day to an end in a fun and festive way.

So all in all, the Parents’ Open Day was a great success and will definitely be repeated next year! 

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