New menu at the restaurant – November 2020

New menu at the restaurant – November 2020

New menu at Sala Baï restaurant for the next two weeks. Come and be part of the students’ ... Read More

Reopening Menu – November 2020

Reopening Menu – November 2020

Sala Baï students are back to school for a month now. It’s time to reopen the restaurant ... Read More

Social workers continue to provide individual support for each student

Since the students went home to their families on 9 March 2020, the school’s five social ... Read More

Distance learning: students remain motivated and serious notwithstanding the difficulties.

It has been more than a month and a half since the students of Sala Baï returned home following Read More

Internships : first professional experience

Sala Baï’s curriculum focuses primarily on learning by doing. Due to the low level of education Read More

Keys to success

Assessments performed with partner hotels on the training provided at the school have ... Read More

Sala Baï, a school committed to the environment

At Sala Baï, we didn’t wait until 2020 to make good resolutions. This year, the school ... Read More

How to apply at Sala Baï School (2020-2021) | តើអ្នកចង់រៀននៅសាលាបាយឆ្នាំក្រោយទេ?

How to apply at Sala Baï School (2020-2021) | តើអ្នកចង់រៀននៅសាលាបាយឆ្នាំក្រោយទេ?

In 16 years, more than 1500 young under privileged young Cambodians have been trained in the ... Read More

A new approach to learning English

Upgrading English language teaching at Sala Baï is one of the school’s focus areas. In August ... Read More

Welcome to intake 18!

On 1 September 2019, it was back-to-school for Class 18 at Sala Baï, a change of life for these Read More

Achieving excellence through skills transfer

Every single one of the 1,600 young people trained at Sala Baï have found work. The fact that ... Read More

Exam season is upon us!

After 11 months of training and 4 months of internships, the Sala Baï students are getting ... Read More


through education and vocational training

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