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Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is a financial institution and the main implementing agency for France’s official development assistance to developing countries and overseas territories.
On February 13th of 2017, a grant agreement was signed with Sala Baï to increase the number of students per year and to finance the construction of new dormitories to accommodate all the students.


API Restauration Group is a catering company, family owned and independent. Since 2015, API has decided to support Sala Baï training by taking in charge four students for five years. API also supports Sala Baï by participating in the annual gastronomic eveing organized by APLC.


Sala Bai is a member of the Association of Souhteast Asian Social Enterprises for Training in Hospitality and Catering (ASSET H&C), a network that brings together vocational training centers sharing a common social mission: bringing positive change in the lives of vulnerable youth.


Challenge Pour Le Cambodge has been an association partner of APLC since 2005. It provides a quarterly financial support to Sala Baï. Founded by a Frenchman who has lived in Cambodia for a long time, who has been able to mobilize friends and acquaintances, the association is currently supporting several projects in the country.

This association organizes an annual fundraising dinner for the benefit of Sala Baï with the students of the Lycée hôtelier Sainte Anne in Saint Nazaire (Loire Atlantique).


EDUCADEV is an association working in ten countries, including Cambodia, to enable children from undepriviledged areas to continue their education in good conditions.

The NGO EDUCADEV supports APLC since 2013. EDUCADEV has renewed its commitment to Sala Baï by providing uniforms and school supplies for the 2018-2019 promotion.



The Saint-Louis de Gonzague (Franklin) establishment, as part of Missionary Days, has supported the Sala Baï school since 2011-2012

The Saint-Louis de Gonzague (Franklin) establishment has been a partner of APLC since it was created in 1984 in the refugee camps on the Thai border. APLC manages the Sala Baï programme.


The McKinsey for Children charity was set up to help children in need to enjoy a better life by giving them a sheltered childhood and guiding them along the path to adulthood. One important contribution to meeting this goal is providing support for school education and vocational training to improve the children’s future prospects.

Mc Kinsey for Children has supported Sala Baï by taking on the full cost (board, lodging, health costs and school supplies) of Sala Baï students. The 2019-2020 intake is the 7th intake that Foundation McKinsey for Children has supported.


The Sisley-d’Ornano foundation helped Sala Baï by granting funds for the construction of the new school and dormitories, by sponsoring “Beauty Therapy” and by helping Agir pour le Cambodge to design this curriculum. In 2019, the company conducted a new skills sponsorship mission by sending a trainer to Sala Baï School for a week to train the beauty therapy teacher.


The Friends of Sala Baï in Australia (FOSBA) was created in 2005 by three businessmen in the hotel and training industries. Since then, the association has raised funds and supported the hotel school at Sala Baï through its expanding network. The students of the Blue Mountains Hotel Management School are one of the most active fundraising groups within Friends of Sala Baï Australia.

At the same time, the FOSBA family has grown by 150 members, both individuals and companies.


A longstanding partner of Agir pour le Cambodge, Le Guide du Routard has supported the Sala Baï school since it opened. Listing Sala Baï in one of the most widely sold French language guidebooks has proved to be an excellent way of raising awareness about the project among travellers who are interested in equitable tourism.

Le Guide du Routard publishes information provided by Agir pour le Cambodge free of charge in each new edition of their guidebook on Cambodia and donates a return ticket to Siem Riep so that a permanent member of the Paris team is able to travel to Cambodia on a field mission which is vital for the team’s communication and fund-raising work.


Association for transporting volunteers, it supports NGOs to send human resources into the field. The missions concerning Sala Baï last at least one year and are dedicated to technical assistance and transferring know-how to the Khmer team.

Up to date, La Guilde Européenne du Raid manages three volunteer missions as VSI (two years mission renewable) and two civic service missions.


The If International Foundation whose mission is to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable by promoting education and women empowerment, supports the development of Sala Baï by financing the construction of the students accommodations. IF continues to be a faithful supporter of Sala Baï by taking charge of the training of the students.


Krama Krama, a French company that sells kramas on-line (including one in Sala Baï colors) through, renewed its partnership with APLC and donates €5 for each krama it sells.


Les Enfants d’Angkor Wat, an association under the 1901 law, aims to support financially projects for Cambodian children from very poor families. Les Enfants d’Angkor Wat supports Sala Baï by regularly funding equipment for students: printing of course materials and manuals, renewal of computers for online teaching.


Since 2006, Sainte-Anne Trades High School supports Sala Baï. The students of this establishment provide the service in room and the preparation of an annual fundraising dinner led by Jacques Hybert and given in partnership with New Challenge for Cambodia.


Since 2017, the hotel school in La Rochelle has carried out skills sponsorship missions. Each year, three teachers and three students from the Lycée hôtelier de la Rochelle (cooking and restaurant) train students and teachers from Sala Baï. The French school regularly organizes prestigious dinners for the benefit of Sala Baï.


One Hundred Aid, a German enterprise, has chosen to support APLC, by giving each month part of its benefit to Sala Baï.

This enterprise has the ambition to offer a selection of high quality products, meeting social and environmental responsibility. One Hundred Aid defines itself as being a friend for its customers, its employees, the citizens of the whole world and the environment. One of its best-seller products is the extra-pure organic certified Matcha Tea powder.

This support is the result of an enterprise policy that dubs paramount its social commitment.


Through its program, PATA Foundation wants to contribute to the growth and development of travel and tourism in Asia Pacific through the protection of the environment, the conservation of cultural heritage and support for education.

In 2012, PATA Foundation has decided to support Sala Baï and it has since sponsored already the training of 23 students.


Régis Marcon is a French 3-star chef and a loyal Sala Baï support. Each year with the support of the Ferrandi-Paris school, he gives a fundraising dinner for the benefit of Agir pour le Cambodge. He has regularly visited Sala Baï to train teachers.

“What makes the Sala Baï method? Professionalism, hard work, sharing, authenticity and smiles.”

SMART Axiata

In June 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of schools in Cambodia, SMART Axiata supported Sala Baï by giving a smartphone to each students with 8 months of credits and other ICT tools such as LCD projectors, laptops and tablets. This donation was made under the CSR component of the mobile telecommunication operator to enable e-learning through ICT.


Support Sala Baï is a US non-profit organization, whose mission is to fight human trafficking through education and employment in hospitality.
It was co-founded by Francesca Bonavita, Laurie Farquhar and Sam McGoun, one of the founders of Touch Sala Baï in order to support the training program of the school.

Support Sala Baï organized some events in the US in order to collect money to support the school.


Sala Baï is supported by Swiss-Belhotel International thanks to the involvement of its CEO, Mr Gavin M. Faull who discovered the school through his connections with Friends of Sala Bai network and Blue Mountains Hotel School in Australia.

Swissbell hotel is committed to Sala Baï by training teachers. In August 2019, three teachers from Sala Baï followed a training in hotels of the Swissbel hotel international group in Indonesia.

Swiss-Bellhotel International support Sala Baï through the organization of regular fundraising events like conference charity and a special initiative where the corporate mascot the Bernard Dog (Bernie) is sold to guests in every hotels as a soft toy souvenir. A portion of the sale price is then donated to Sala Baï Hotel School.


Based in Singapore, Touch Sala Baï is an NGO whose mission is to fight poverty and human trafficking in Cambodia by providing education and employment in the hospitality industry. In pursuit of its mission, Touch Sala Baï provides a consistent funding source to and facilitates program partnerships for Sala Bai. Sam McGoun, its founder, competes on a regular basis in series of sports events (marathon and ironman) and discovery weekends at school to encourage his network to support the school.


through education and vocational training

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