100% of Sala Baï students find long-term employment after graduating. They progress relatively rapidly at the beginning of their careers but after three or four years, our alumni are often hampered by their lack of management skills.

Since November 2017, a free further education course for alumni is provided by Professor Peter Jones, Dean of the e-hotelier academy, thanks to the great support of Friends of Sala Baï in Australia. Seeking to meet this requirement for post-training in middle management, a pilot session was organised in February 2017 in order to fine tune the future training sessions. Two sessions have already been held, one in November 2017 and one in April 2018. This training will continue in 2018-2019 with a new feature – a module focusing on improving hotel-specific English will be offered.

This further education will help to support our alumni and this role will be continued by the Sala Baï Family Foundation (SBFF), future local partner of Agir pour le Cambodge. A campaign to register with the SBFF has just been launched on Facebook in order to mobilise as many alumni as possible. Shared experiences, feedback on requirements in the hotel industry will all help to adapt the training provided at Sala Baï to market requirements, provide support to current classes, etc. The SBFF has a lot of work ahead of it and we wish it every success in its endeavours!

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