“Cambodian Journeys” and its beautiful photos offer a trip to the heart of Cambodia and Sala Baï.

Follow the journeys of students at Sala Baï Hotel School in Siem Reap – journeys from the depths of a place with no foreseeable future to the precipice of a new life, brimming with conviction and the skills necessary to not only survive but to succeed. And these journeys are self-perpetuating: each student who succeeds offers a lifeline to their families, hope and a sense of expectation to their communities, and the strength to carry their country into a brighter future. Throughout the pages, stunning images showcase today’s Cambodia.

  • Author H. Morgan-Harris
  • Photographs by Rod Andrewarth
  • Pages : 127
  • Weight : 0.9 kg
  • Dimensions : 27 x 24 x 2 cm

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