This week was the day of the environment and with the rainy season now well established in Cambodia, it’s the green initiatives that are flourishing in Sala Baï!

Tous les départements ont ainsi participé à une après-midi d’activités dédiée à la lutte contre la pollution organisée par Exo Travel dans le cadre du programme « Green River ». L’un des objectifs fut de permettre aux élèves de savoir distinguer les produits biodégradables des emballages, notamment en plastique, qui vont mettre plusieurs centaines d’années avant de disparaitre de notre écosystème.

All the departments participated in an afternoon of activities dedicated to the fight against pollution organized by EXO Travel Cambodia as part of the “Green River” program. One of the objectives was to enable students to know how to distinguish biodegradable products from plastic packaging, which will take several hundred years to disappear from our ecosystem. In Cambodia it’s estimated that an individual consumes more than 40 plastic bags a week. It’s therefore important to inform the younger generation of the dangers of plastic pollution. For many of us, it was a real awareness and the battle has just begun!

Another commitment to protect our environment: the school and its training hotel have been equipped with new devices to fight against mosquitoes by abolishing the use of insecticides. This innovative system of mosquito traps, selective and environmentally friendly, attracts and captures mosquitoes with CO2 to simulate a human presence. During this time, students can study safely and guests of the hotel can enjoy the comfort of their terrace in peace.

On a lighter scale, the room service students, who are the green thumbs of the school, have revitalized the garden to grow more vegetation on the ground. A large pruning operation that will also allow to bring more sunlight in the kitchen garden of the school. For now, the cooking students will be able to vary the vegetables in culture in a sun-drenched land.

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