The training Restaurant and Hotel have just open for a new season. This is an opportunity for the students to put into practice the skills they acquired during the first  weeks of their training.

A new start

These young apprentices are very excited about serving or welcoming clients for the first time. This is why at Sala Baï, just as much importance is given to soft skills as to know-how. The acquisition of self-confidence and the provision of support are two key pillars on which the Sala Baï course is based because the challenge faced is enormous.

Practically all of the students have never had the opportunity to talk to English speakers. Added to the linguistic difficulties are the cultural differences between a mostly western clientele and the young Sala Baï students.

So throughout the year, they are surrounded by the trainers and alumni who advise and reassure them. Workshops, such as theatre classes, have been set up at the school in order to encourage speaking in public, personal presentation, poise, etc. Trust is gained gradually, but every year, we see this as a new challenge.

The novelties of the training restaurant

Despite any apprehensions they may have, the apprentice receptionists, cooks, housekeeping staff and waiters all find themselves in live situations from 15 October, but this year, for the first time, the training restaurant will be open on some evenings. This will enable students to gain practical experience and get used to evening service as required by the hotel industry and the school to welcome more tourists.

It will also be possible for groups of up to 200 people to organise events in Sala Baï’s fabulous tropical garden and enjoy a dinner specially prepared for them and served by the students.

Another novelty this year, the opportunity to take cooking classes with a teacher and his students! A unique opportunity to live the Sala Baï experience by slipping behind the student’s apron. On the program: market visit, herb picking in the aromatic garden and group cooking classes, accompanied by cooking and restaurant students. Of course, this half-day of activities will end with a delicious meal, served by the students in the restaurant.

The training Beauty Center has just open too.

The next step for these students is to put their training into practice at the 20-odd luxury hotels that have partnered with the school. In early November, 70 students will begin their internships. They’ll return in January thus alternating practical training in a 4- or 5-star hotel and learning and training in the Sala Baï training hotel and restaurant. It is only in June that the whole class will be together at Sala Baï to get ready for and to sit the exams.

We wish all of you a good year!

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