We can’t stop saying it, fruits and vegetables are growing bigger and bigger in the garden managed by students. What was just a few months ago a wildland is now a fully developed garden. A great example of the success of agroecological methods!


Students are more than ever invested in this project. In addition to their online courses, they go every day in small groups in the garden to maintain and watch the growing plants. They are all very proud to eat at dinner the fruits of their labor. 


This week, students harvested their first seeds (flowers, red beans, gombos) in the garden. This is a first step towards food self-sufficiency! They have also sowed new flowers (roselle, sunflowers) to attract bees.


Students are deepening their food knowledge by developing their skills and learning sustainable agricultural methods. Hospitality jobs now require a good understanding of the products and the production chains. That is why the particular attention paid to food origin and production is an asset of Sala Baï training, which aims at training high-quality professionals and actors of change!

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