Vanneth and Srosh, cooking students, and Sokkim, a front office student were elected students of the month by their classmates to acknowledge their team spirit and their remarkable sense of camaraderie. Watch this video and experience a day in the life of these Sala Baï students.

In order to enable Vanneth, Srosh, Sokkim and their 117 classmates to receive training, all of the school fees (tuition, supplies, textbooks, uniforms) and living expenses (board, lodging, bicycles, insurance and medical coverage) of all students are covered by Sala Baï. During their year of training, the students alternate between between theory and practice, at the school or during internships at partner hotels. The Sala Baï program is varied and highlights both know-how and soft skills.

Throughout the course, careful attention is paid to soft skills and self-confidence. Overcoming shyness is one of the challenges for the Sala Baï students, who, within a few weeks, go from a situation of extreme poverty to the world of 5* hotels where, in both the training hotel and restaurant, they have to deal with clients from a different culture and moreover, in a foreign language. Accordingly, working on self-esteem, posture, and speaking in public are a very important part of their training. These are all reasons why Sala Baï graduates find work so quickly.

The 12th month of their training is spent finding a job, a process in which the young graduates are assisted by the social workers. All of the students find a job within a month of graduating.

So in 15 years, 1,500 young people have been trained and have found employment in the tourism sectors, one of the most dynamic sectors in the country, enabling them to become financially independent and to improve the living conditions of their families.

To continue the adventure, please support the Sala Baï students:  donation.

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