I was very happy to take part in the opening ceremony of the school. I served a lot of guests and as I have already experienced this kind of cocktail service during my internship at Angkor Village Resort & Spa, I was quite confident. But I discovered a lot of dishes that I didn’t know before and which seemed to be very tasty!

I was very proud to welcome and talk with all these guests who came from very far to see our new school. It gave me a lot of motivation to do my best; I wanted to show them that I have learnt a lot of things at Sala Baï, to show them that it is a good school!

I was also very impressed to see a lot of VIPs in my school such as the Excellencies or the French Chefs who were very friendly with us. I want to thank them because they came from very far just to help us to cook for the guests.

Even today, we continue to talk about this very special day with my friends at school; I will remember it in my entire life!

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