On 30 May, construction work began on the new dormitories! The first step necessary for expanding the Sala Baï program to 150 students per year. Because the students come from different provinces and remote areas, they all need accommodation in Siem Reap in order to be able to follow their training. Moreover, the fact that they are from impoverished backgrounds means that their families are unable to cover the costs involved. So the school provides accommodation to all of the students and the existing dormitories are already at full capacity.

The new dormitories, which are located just behind the school inaugurated last year, should be completed in early 2018 and will provide accommodation for 105 girls and 45 boys, along with a flat for a social worker, kitchens and there will also be a volley ball court. With 1,534 sqm, the new premises promise a better future for even more students in the years ahead.

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