In 16 years, more than 1500 young under privileged young Cambodians have been trained in the growing hospitality industry, enabling them to achieve economic independence and improve the living conditions of their families.

The recruitment of the 150 students of intake 19th starts in January 2020.

To register, you have two possibilities:

ការចុះឈ្មោះបំពេញពាក្យស្នើសុំចូលរៀន ដែលអ្នកត្រូវបំពេញមាន២របៀបគឺៈ

ការចុះឈ្មោះតាមរយៈ អនឡាញ សូមពិនិត្យ (មានជាភាសាខ្មែរ និងអង់គ្លេស)


ឬ បោះពុម្ពពាក្យស្នើសុំចូលរៀន

2020 agenda for recruitment | កាលវិភាគសម្រាប់ជ្រើសរើសសិស្សឆ្នាំ២០១៩

  1. From 1st January to 28th February: candidates can register online or collect the application form at school (Siem Reap) or print it and send it to school (in Khmer or in English).១. ថ្ងៃទី៨ ខែមករា ដល់ ថ្ងៃទី២០ ខែកុម្ភៈ បេក្ខជន-បេក្ខនារី អាចចុះឈ្មោះតាម អនឡាញ ឬ មកទទួលពាក្យស្នើសុំចូលរៀន នៅសាលាសណ្ឋាគារសាលាបាយ ឬ បោះពុម្ពចេញ (ព្រីន) ហើយផ្ញើរមកសាលា (ទាំងភាសាខ្មែរ និងភាសាអង់គ្លេស)។

The application must be sent or delivered completed before 28th February, 2020. 


To join Sala Baï, candidates must meet several criteria: come from disadvantaged families, be between 17 and 23 years old, have a minimum educational level of grade 6 and be highly motivated.

A priority is given to girls (70%), more vulnerable and with low access to education and stable employment.

Learn more about the school program here. 

All candidates must be able to provide:

  • Original family book (no scratches or correction)
  • Birth certificate
  • School certificate
  • New ID photo

– Khmer Hotline Tel.: SMART 081 72 35 65 – METFONE 097 576 9165
– For NGO partner: Mr.Bounty Tan – Social Workers Coordinator; 077 680 851 [email protected]



Five Departments:

Restaurant department

Number of students per intake: 48

Hotels have many food and beverage outlets ranging from restaurants and café, to pool side bars and in room dining. A waiter/waitress is responsible for the efficient and friendly service of providing guests with food and drink. A good Food & Beverage attendant has a confident, outgoing manner and anticipates the needs of the guests.

Objectives of the training

· Understand restaurant operations

· Gain customer service skills

· Develop food & beverage knowledge

· Acquire restaurant service skills

· Practical experience through internship

· Understand the importance of professional grooming and workplace ethics

Admission requirements

· School level: Grade 6 – 12

Attitudes required:

Good presentation, self motivated, dynamic, shows team spirit, outgoing & excellent communication skills.

Cooking Department

Number of students per intake: 48

There are many styles of dishes with many kinds of  international flavors, much opportunity for creativity  in the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant. The cook is responsible for preparation and presentation of all menu items. A good cook enjoys cooking, is dedicated and able to work well under pressure.

Objectives of the training

· Understand safe work practices and food handling skills

· Develop food preparation skills

· Cultivate knowledge of a selection of international dishes

· Determine food quality and freshness

· Practice proper refrigeration and storage techniques

· Understand the professional grooming and workplace ethics

Admission requirements

· School level: Grade 6  – 12

Attitudes required:

Self motivated, creative, honest, hard working, ability to work under pressure, & team spirit.

Housekeeping Department

Number of students per intake: 24

Cleanliness is one of the top priorities for guests and so housekeepers have an important job in ensuring the cleanliness and general maintenance of guest rooms and public areas. Housekeepers have an eye for detail, are hard workers, and take pride in the physical appearance of the hotel.

Objectives of the training

· General knowledge of equipment and chemicals

· Practical skills in housekeeping

· Maintenance and upkeep of equipment

· Build hotel vocabulary related to housekeeping

· Develop awareness of workplace environment and safety

· Understand the professional grooming and workplace ethics

Admission requirements

· School level: Grade 6  – 12

Attitudes required:

Self motivated, honest, able to work without direct supervision, efficient & hardworking.

Front Office Department

Number of students per intake: 20

In an industry where first impressions and also last impressions count, Front Office is the ‘face’ of the hotel. Handling guest requests, payments, arrivals and departures is all in a days work. Personal grooming and presentation are essential when you work in this department, as are problem solving skills and a great smile.

Objectives of the training

· Basic understanding and experience in Front Office computer software

· Learn check in/ check out procedures

· Know and use common forms

· Co-ordinate with other departments for daily operations

· Practice selling techniques

· Handle cash and guest accounts

· Ensure guest satisfaction through attentive service and following up requests

· Understand professional grooming and workplace ethics

Admission requirements

· School level: Grade 10 – 12

Attitudes required:

Self motivated, dynamic, excellent communication skills, ability to solve problems, good level of English.

Beauty Therapy Department

Number of students per intake: 10

Most of the hotels offer a Beauty therapy program to their guests to ensure their relaxation and well-being. The Beauty Therapist is responsible for the physical well-being of the guests. A good Beauty therapist has a very good knowledge of the products used in the treatments that will also be offered for sale. The key to satisfy a guest is to be attentive to detail and to care for the customer.

Objectives of the training

· Acquire skills to welcome the guests and to give advice  on the choice of treatments to each guest according to his/her needs.

· Acquire knowledge of the products and material used in treatments.

· Practice selling techniques.

· Learn the skills and techniques to provide beauty therapy services.

· Understand the professional grooming and workplace ethics.

Admission requirements

· School level: Grade 6-12.

Attitudes required:

Self-motivated and hard-working, good presentation, good hygiene, discretion, attentive to details and to others.

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