Sala Bai 180km Week 2

Joseph Ryan is still running 10km every day to support the students. Please read his words below:

“After week 1 was completed, and the excitement had settled, I reflected on the learning curves so far: don’t BBQ myself by running at lunch time and make sure I stretch so I don’t walk like a penguin the following morning. With my hamstring feeling tight and my calf occasionally threatening cramp, I felt that I needed to rely less on my mistakes and more on expert advice, so I reached out to Sam McGoun, ‘Mr 1850km’ himself, for a dinner so that I could pick his brains.


Sam was the man that has inspired me to take on this challenge and I knew he would have some pearls of wisdom to share, which indeed he did. Learning about how he cycled from his home to Changi, and back, three times a day followed by a few hundred laps swim blew my mind. His efforts, and undying passion, to support the school set me up perfectly for week 2. He also gave me some top tips: stay hydrated with soda water, snack on tuna cottage cheese sandwiches and make sure you get lots of sleep when you can to avoid burning out.


So off I ran. Eager to see more of Singapore I altered my routes to capture different landmarks. I also welcomed friends (Chien Wei and Jenn) for some of the journeys, each pushing me a little further, and gifting me gems of knowledge. I was also lucky that my partner, and chief dietician, baked me some delicious protein balls that became my treat to look forward to after each run. In fact they were my motivation to complete the last kilometer when my legs decided enough was enough.


I’ve crossed the half way mark in my original target but think I won’t stop at 180km. If my legs let me ill aim to do as much as possible this month to keep the buzz going!


Week 2 – 120/180. Nearly done, but I don’t think Ill stop just yet….


Joseph Ryan”

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