Sala Baï changes the life of young disadvantaged Cambodians every year. And definitely in a very professional and efficient way. This was reconfirmed by many hotel, restaurant and NGO managers working in Cambodia whom I met during the amazing 3-day celebration for the Sala Baï new school opening.

The Sala Baï school has been supported by a permanent impulse since 1999 when Agir pour le Cambodge decided to create a program to fight poverty and human trafficking.

But let there be no misunderstanding: this energy, this quiet and strong determination to always improve the trainings, always answer the needs of the industry, always continue to develop the school by welcoming 50% more students by 2018 and creating a new training in Beauty Therapy (that I had the privilege to test!) are further dynamized by the men and the women of Sala Baï: the Cambodian staff, some being involved since the very beginning of the school and whom I was very happy to meet again, the volunteers and all the people committed to the program.

They are, we are this “Sala Baï family” and this is what struck me the most during the new school opening: how many volunteers from abroad have been richer after finishing their mission at Sala Baï? How many current active supports of Sala Baï first discovered the school when they came for lunch following their guidebook and left transformed a couple of hours later? How many, experiencing the smile and the motivation of the students, the charisma of the staff who welcomed them, went home to the U.S, to Australia, Singapore, France with the desire of creating a supportive organization for Sala Baï?

We were around 150 people coming from all over the world to show our support to the school, an incredible center of positive and meaningful energy.

No doubt, Sala Baï has changed our lives as well.

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