The way to the school on the red dusty road is a real warm-up itself. We cross here and there tired houses wrapped in dust, stray dogs and a few women under umbrellas. Our tuktuk bumps and jolts between potholes and young wandering cows browsing along the river. 

And suddenly miracle! The very high and reassuring façade is in sight! Sounds of friendly conversation coming from scattered students make you feel good, the school is a living place! The flag-raising ceremony will start soon, students line up and gradually and naturally silence falls… A solemn moment that brings me back to my childhood when I was a scout. Claude, the director, is happy to explain to the students that an important day is coming: the official opening of the school, their new school! With a very nice dining area, a real professional kitchen, a pastry lab and hotel rooms for training. 

And there we all start working to prepare the celebration: making garlands, cleaning the school surroundings, building the stage for the officials… In the kitchen, Regis Marcon, a 3-star Michelin Chef, is organizing the working process on a white board dividing the tasks. We, the other Chefs Jacques Hybert and I, follow Regis’ orders. Working with him is a real pleasure that we also shared with these young Cambodian girls and boys.

I came back dazzled! Long live Sala Baï!

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