As part of the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable cultivated fresh vegetables, Agrisud also organised a cooking competition for professionals from the hotel sector. Over four days, 20 competitors, including four Sala Baï students were asked to prepare a wok-cooked dish made from locally grown products. This was a serious challenge for the young students from the school who were competing against seasoned professionals after only three months of training.

“I was very happy to have been selected to take part in this competition. Even though we had practised the week before the competition, I was a bit stressed out about the idea of cooking in front of professionals! But the support I got from the other students and teachers really helped me to give the best of myself. I’m so glad that I was able to represent the school and so proud that I placed 7th out of 20!” Chakriya, 19 years old.

“We practised a lot with the four students before the competition, so I was quite confident of their ability to make a dish that looked and tasted good. But when the day arrived, I must admit that it wasn’t just the students who were as excited as they were stressed out! We did all we could to support them and I was very pleased with what they achieved. And the final ranking isn’t important, I’m proud of all of them!” Yongchhieng SY, Chef and Head of Cooking Training.

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