Hello everybody,

We’re Rathana and Sinan and we’re both students at the Sala Baï hotel school. By participating in a half-marathon, representing all our classmates, we’d like to prove that young Cambodian girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can escape poverty through vocational training and succeed in their professional careers!

Support their run to sponsor some future Sala Baï students

We’ve been training for several weeks with our sports coach, Ms Ratha, running regularly along the river adjacent to the school. It’s sometimes difficult, but people encourage us on our way and we’re proud to show that girls can be as good as boys at long-distance running.

We’re very pleased to carry out this sporting challenge with the school’s communication officer and the director of Agir pour le Cambodge. For us, it makes a lot of sense to join forces and mobilize against poverty and human trafficking by raising funds for our school.

We’re counting on your help to support the training year of the future students of Sala Baï and thus transform their lives and those of their families. We’ve been given the opportunity to complete a qualifying vocational training programme and we’re keen for this opportunity to be extended to other young people who, like us, originally come from the Cambodian countryside where 40% of the population still lives below the poverty line.

Thank you for your encouragement and your support. For our first half-marathon, 21.1km will be a challenge!

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