We were very happy to join this event and to welcome so many guests in our school! This event went well and was very nicely organized. People seemed to be happy to be here.

It was the first time for us to participate in this kind of event and we were very proud to show our school to all the guests, especially because a lot of them were coming from very far just for the occasion of our opening ceremony!

As we were in charge of showing the Sala Baï Suite room to the guests, we prepared it very carefully in order to make everything perfect for their visit! We were very happy and proud to let them see our beautiful training hotel.

We were also very impressed and glad to welcome Cambodian and French authorities in our school; it was the first time for us to meet such important people.

During the event, we had a lot of fun because many guests took pictures with us. We even danced all together after the ceremony! It was an extraordinary moment of sharing and joy.

We will remember this beautiful day all our life long!

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