As well in Cambodia as in most countries of the world, the sanitary situation is rapidly evolving and pushes the Sala Baï team to adapt to the context. On March 22th, the school closed temporarily following the governmental decision to close all schools in the country. Despite this closure, all students remain in the dormitories to respect health measures and be trained in the best conditions: online learning, individual monitoring by social workers, social life with their friends, sports, and cultural activities.


Since last year, trainers and social workers have been accustomed to online working. Thus, they have been strengthening their digital skills and developing new competencies thanks to training sessions. That is why they rapidly restarted online courses. Every day, each trainer conducts one training during the morning and another one during the afternoon.


An English teacher gives a lesson to his students. They practice with dialogues that they film to send back to their teacher. 


A new library has been installed in the dormitories to maximize workspace and to improve learning conditions. The content of the training is also adapted to ensure a dynamic atmosphere, more suitable for learning. Trainers regularly organize entertaining exercises, and in every English class, the teacher nominates a student as an assistant, so the lesson is more interactive. Soft skills workshops are now organized online by Possibilities World, a partner of Sala Baï school. This week, they have been following the leadership program with workshops on listening to others and teamwork. The online training enables students to master digital skills that are an asset in the hospitality industry.


That is why at Sala Baï, online training does not mean less qualifying training!

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