My first visit at Sala Baï in December 2014 was in the former premises and was already very impressive: being able to feel the huge impact of the program on those young students’ life and the great opportunity this school (“home” I should say!) represents for them and meeting the director, Claude Colombié, totally dedicated to lead Sala Baï even further.

And actually the second visit on the 27th of February was even more impressive than the first one!

Seeing this beautiful, well-finished and hearty school, when we saw only a virgin field with holes for foundations fourteen months ago, was really exciting.

But above all, what a joy to see again the smiles and energy of all the students! Indeed their will to learn and do well, their great spirit of mind and their pleasure to be there for a decisive year are even more palpable than the first time I came. They are visibly so proud and happy of their new school… And it is obvious that they feel this way every single day and not only on this beautiful inauguration day. What a model of strength for all of us!

What a wonderful celebration this inauguration was!

We met and discussed with many donors. The Sala Baï network is very diverse but very heartily committed to the school, because we all know how useful this school is in changing lives.

An Australian donor explained to me that he taught – more than 10 years ago – the very first English lessons at school and adapted the English curriculum to hospitality and to the students poor English background who need to learn so much in only one year.

Regis Marcon, a 3-star Michelin Chef for over 10 years, told me very humbly that the days he spends at Sala Baï are much more regenerating than classic holidays: working here in the kitchen with the young students makes him feel useful and creates unique and intense moments of life… A few other French Chefs were with him on that day. Their complicity with the cooking students was a very moving sight.

Naturally after having worked on the Beauty Therapy curriculum in 2015, I was thrilled to visit the training spa and meet the very committed trainer and the eight very smiling and motivated students. We took this opportunity to discuss with the trainer very happy to exchange ideas with other professionals.

We will definitely come back and continue to support the Sala Baï team in this new training, already launched on very good tracks!

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