At Sala Baï, we didn’t wait until 2020 to make good resolutions. This year, the school has strengthened its longstanding commitment to protecting the environment by implementing eco-responsible measures. Our objective: raise students’ awareness of environmental issues and involve them in ecological actions.

The limitation of single-use plastic is a new focus of efforts launched at school. Plastic toothbrushes will now be replaced by bamboo toothbrushes; glass and metal water bottles have been made available in the rooms of the training hotel and distributed to each student. For the training restaurant, new morning glory straws have been created using water bindweed and the school has set up a sorting system using biodegradable rubbish bags.

In the kitchen, the emphasis is on supporting local producers and on short circuits. Accordingly, 95% of our foodstuffs are local products, certain vegetables are even grown in the school’s vegetable garden. To achieve this, Sala Baï is multiplying partnerships with cooperatives or local companies such as Agrisud for vegetables, KJC Farm for poultry or Vergers du Mékong for fruit juices. Today, students recycle both used oil and waste.







In addition, Sala Baï regularly organises awareness actions to conserve resources and protect the environment. This year, students participated in waste collection actions led by Sangkat Sala Kamroeuk and Clean Green Cambodia. They also had the opportunity to attend awareness-raising workshops on the challenges of sustainable agriculture and food, led by Agrisud. Other partnerships will emerge in 2020 because the preservation of the planet now forms an integral part of the concerns of the students of Sala Baï.

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